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Stand Out In Any Crowd With These Funko Pop! Lanyards

Funko has recently announced its latest wearable accessories coming from Pop! Home. Adding fun to any meetings, seminars or conferences are relatively easy with Funko’s first ever series of lanyards featuring some of our favorite Disney Marvel and Star Wars characters immortalized in their Pop! version forms. It’s a great way to bring your favorite superhero bobblehead wherever you go. Plus, it makes a great corporate and personal gift too.

Take a look.

Lanyards: Marvel and Star Wars

Funko is excited to introduce Pop! Lanyards from Pop! Home!

The first lanyards feature some fan favorite characters from Marvel and Star Wars! Lanyards are a great addition to any convention, orientation, or conference! Get yours this fall!

Available Now.

iron man lanyardcaptain america lanyard

kylo ren lanyardbb8 lanyard


Available in October.

loki lanyard deadpool lanyard

vader lanyard boba fett lanyard


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spiderman party lights

More Superheroes To Join Your Party With Funko Pop! Party String Lights!

Following the success of Funko’s very first stylized party lights with the Captain America Pop! Party Lights, now comes another wave of home accessories that will add that extra superhero flair in your parties or any special occasion. Coming this fall, each set includes 10 ‘bobblehead’ lights featuring the most iconic characters from Marvel, DC, and Star Wars retailing at $19.99 each.

Here’s Funko’s party invitation for its latest Pop! Lights.  Click on the images below for more pre-order info and discount from


Pop! Lights: Marvel – Deadpool & Spider-Man (coming in September and November respectively)

Introducing the newest additions to Pop! Party String Lights from Pop! Home!

Pop! Party Lights were first introduced back in June to celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary! Now you can decorate your home or party with more superhero flair! Coming this fall!

deadpool party lights

spiderman party lights


Pop! Lights: Harley Quinn & Batman (coming in September and November respectively)

Bring your love of DC to the party! With Harley Quinn and Batman, Pop! Party String Lights are sure to be a hit!

harley quinn party lights

batman party lights


Pop! Lights: Star Wars – Stormtrooper & Yoda (coming in September and November respectively)

stormtrooper party lights

yoda party lights

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Jabba's Palace

WATCH: July’s Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace Unboxed.

star wars july boxFor this month of July, Funko celebrates the galaxy’s most “adorable” gangster in Smuggler Bounty’s Jabba’s Palace. Yoko and Cameron are back with an unboxing video that showcases some of the most memorable scenes at Jabba’s abode as seen in Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi. We mentioned last time that Funko has already come full circle with its tribute to the classic Star Wars trilogy starting with March’s Mos Eisley Cantina as seen in Episode IV: A New Hope and May’s Bounty Hunters which took hint from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside this month’s Smuggler’s Bounty, but be warned, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD – Jabba has never been this so cute.

As you can see, the Jabba’s Palace Box is quite larger than the usual Smuggler’s Bounty offerings due to the bulky size of the Funko Pop! Home Jabba the Hutt Ceramic Mug. Here’s the complete list of the rest of the box’s contents.

  • Boushh Leia patch
  • Gamorrean Guard Pin
  • Funko Plush Boba Fett (this is, by the way, the very first plush that Funko created under this line).
  • Funko Pop! Home Jabba The Hutt Ceramic Mug
  • Funko Pop Tops C3PO Snapback
  • Funko Pop! R2-D2 (Jabba’s Skiff)Vinyl Figure 121

Jabba's Palace

Up next is the Smuggler’s Bounty September Box where Funko pays tribute to the infamous Death Star. The September subscription box features the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. It is quite interesting to speculate on the reasons behind the selection. Could it be that Funko is setting up the stage for a much wider and grander fan reception considering that the month of December marks the theatrical release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? If so, then focusing on the Death Star theme is an excellent way to prep up fan interest.

This next box of Smuggler’s Bounty retails at a discounted price of $25 available for pre-order until September 15.


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Captain America Joins The Party In This Latest Funko Pop! Party Lights.

string lights 02

Your party couldn’t get any better than this!

Marvel fans will be delighted to know that Funko has just released its latest offering that will surely bring smiles and life to any party events. Fighting for the ’ol red, white and blue for over 70 years, Funko pays tribute to Captain America as he celebrates his 75th year anniversary of heroism and patriotism.

Cap gets the first ever Funko stylized party lights treatment, and you can bring it home with you to add more fun for any super-sized, powerful event. Be sure to check out to pre-order the Captain America Pop! Party Lights.

string lights

string lights 03

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