New Halloween Themed Funko Pop! Peanuts Spotted In The Wild has shared several photos of what seems to be Funko’s latest Halloween Pop! iteration of the Peanuts gang. Taken by Funko Pop! collector Jay Valles, the lineup pays tribute to the 1966 Halloween TV special “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” which aired on CBS. According to Popvinyls, the following photos were taken from California in what appears to be Walgreens, so if you’re staying within the west coast, you may take a look and verify this personally. Here are the photos of the Funko Pop! Halloween Peanuts that Valles snapped.


img_5132 img_5131 img_5133 ghostcharliebrown-700x933 img_5134


As you can see from the photos above, we have the gang all prepped for some trick or treats with Snoopy as the Flying Ace, Charlie Brown wearing a mask, Lucy in her witch costume, and Charlie Brown again donned with his ghost get-up. Their respective boxes have no Walgreen stickers, or any for that matter, that may indicate that they are exclusives.

We hope to get some official words from Funko and will inform you accordingly as more news comes in. For the meantime, check out the video of this 60s animated classic.

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New Funko Disney Princess Pops! Revealed

Funko has recently released its latest moulds of Pop! Disney Princess vinyls that will surely win your hearts over. With their elegant pose and ‘flowing’ gowns, these collectibles may well be considered as Funko’s grandest creation yet. Reportedly spotted at (which is as of this writing has been removed from their site), these beautiful and classy renditions of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Tiana will surely impress you. I have to admit that these Pops! have never looked so good in their formal dresses. Let’s take a closer look at their glam shots.


Pop! Disney Princess – Ariel #220

220 Ariel


Pop! Disney Princess – Belle #221



Pop! Disney Princess – Cinderella #222



Pop! Disney Princess – Rapunzel #223



Pop! Disney Princess – Tiana #224



We don’t have any official words or announcements yet from Funko as with regards to pricing and availability, but we do hope that news will come out soon, plus additional Disney Princess characters to boot. Perhaps a Mulan, a Merida, or a newer version of an Elsa pop? Or perhaps some accompanying princes to match? The possibilities are endless with Funko around.


Stay tuned here at Pop! News for more updates on your favorite Funko Pop! Disney Princess collectibles.


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August Marvel Collector Corps Spiderman Box Revealed!

The August Marvel Collector Corps box has probably reached most of your homes, and with the spotlight focused on everyone’s favorite web crawler, it is expected that Funko really cooked up something great for our web-shooting, high-flying Spiderman. Now just a word of caution: if you’re not into spoilers, this is the time to swing away from the action.

With that out of the way, let’s watch this unboxing video from Funko’s Yoko and Cameron as they reveal the contents of this month’s Marvel Collector Corps featuring Spiderman!

As you see, the box has the usual pin and patch combo – which is obviously becoming sort of a tradition for this exclusive boxes. It’s a good call for Funko to do so. It offers a kind of teaser or appetizer of sorts before you dive into the main course inside the box. It’s a great collectible too. We also have Funko Pop! comic book cover variant of Spiderman designed by Funko artist Mike Martin.

pin and patch

spiderman comics

Once again, we don’t see a shirt in this package, but instead a stone-gray, Spiderman-themed Pop! Tops. As you may have heard from Yoko and Cameron, Funko has announced that Pop! Tops will eventually become an exclusive item only available for Marvel Collector Corps subscribers. We’re not quite sure if it will be a regular thing for every box, but we hope that Funko will try to alternate it with their previous Pop! shirts, or better still, allow the subscriber to choose between the two.

pop tops

Now going on to the main attraction. Funko has just released its first Fabrikation collectible in a subscription box, and the first Spiderman figure under this line. The Spiderman Fabrikation comes as a high quality plush product that can also be featured as a display piece since it can stand on its own.


The next item that comes out of the box is rather expected. We have our exclusive Marvel Collector Corps Funko Pop! Spiderman #160. It comes with a stand to give Spidey a realistic, wall-clinging pose.

spiderman pop

So there we have it, and here is the entire content of the box once more for all of our viewing pleasure.


  • Posed Spider-Man Pop!
  • Spider-Man Fabrikation
  • Spider-Man Pop! Tops Hat
  • Spider-Man Variant Cover by Funko Designer Mike Martin
  • Spider-Man Patch
  • Spider-Man Pin

Watch out for the next Marvel Collector Corps subscription box featuring the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Stephen Strange. You may now place your order until October 15.

Doctor Strange Funko Box doctor-strange-main-box

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clockwork orange 358

There Is Nothing Disturbing With This Funko Clockwork Orange Pop!

Fans of the 1971 Stanley Kubrick classic dystopian film will be happy to know that one of the greatest villains of all time is now getting the Funko Pop! treatment. Coming from the big screen, protagonist and antihero Alex DeLarge, is far from being disturbing in his very own Pop! vinyl figure. Take a look.


Pop! Movies: A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick fans rejoice! Alex DeLarge, the protagonist from the classic film A Clockwork Orange, is now a Pop!

Available now — grab yours today!


Click on the link below to pre-order your very own Funko Pop! A Clockwork Orange collectible from Wildcard Toys.


Alex Delarge Clockwork Orange Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #358

clockwork orange 358

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Batgirl Of The Burnside And Legends of Tomorrow Funko Pop! Now Available For Pre-order!

Gotham’s all-new Batgirl now gets the Funko treatment together with CW’s powerhouse of superheroes. Batgirl of Burnside and Legends of Tomorrow Funko Pop! vinyl figures will arrive this September and October respectively, and are now available for pre-order at Wildcard Toys by clicking on the links below. Check out Funko’s official announcement via Legion of Collectors together with their awesome glamshots. My personal favorite is the Pop! version of The Atom. How about yours?


Pop! Heroes: Batgirl.

If you haven’t heard the news, a new Batgirl is coming to Pop! Collect the Batgirl of Burnside in September!

batgirl 136


Pop! TV: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

More super heroes for your DC collection! The team of the DC television series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” are arriving just in time for the show’s second season! Choose from The Atom, Hawkman, White Canary, and Firestorm. Collect them this fall! Available in October.


The Atom Legends Of Tomorrow Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #378

atom 378


Hawkman Legends Of Tomorrow Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #379

hawkman 379


White Canary Legends Of Tomorrow Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #380

white canary 380


Firestorm Legends Of Tomorrow Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #381

firestorm 381


Complete Legends Of Tomorrow Pop! Figure Collection (Set Of 4)


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Pop! Twilight Jane of the Volturi_ComicCon 326

The Cullens Are Back With Their Very Own Funko Pop! Twilight Figures.

Fans of the cult classic Twilight Saga will surely have their blood running (pun intended) and will be super excited to know these latest offerings from Funko Pop! Making a comeback from the books to the big screen, and now to your desks and tabletops are the love struck supernatural trio of Edward, Bella, and Jacob in their cute vinyl bobble head  forms. Here’s Funko’s announcement for the these Twilight Pops straight from Forks.

Twilight Pop!s

The sparkly vampiric phenomenon has made its way to Pop! Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Jane continue their epic saga with a variety of figures: Edward, the lovestruck vampire, is available in his fetching gray pea coat, in his vampiric form (only at Barnes & Noble), in his wedding tuxedo, and glittery (only at Hot Topic). Bella is available in her vampire form or lovely wedding dress. Jane comes in two versions of her Volturi garb: with her hood (only at New York City Comicon), and without her hood. The werewolf Jacob Black sports his classic shirt-free torso.

Collect the folks from Forks this fall!


Pop! Movies, Twilight – Edward Cullen #320

Pop! Twilight Edward Cullen 320


 Pop! Movies, Twilight – Bella Swan #321

Pop! Twilight Bella Swan 321


Pop! Movies, Twilight – Jacob Black #322

Pop! Twilight Jacob Black 322


Pop! Movies, Twilight – Bella “Wedding Dress” #323

Pop! Twilight Bella Swan_Wedding Dress 323


Pop! Movies, Twilight – Edward “Tuxedo” #324

Pop! Twilight Edward Cullen_Tuxedo 324


Pop! Movies, Twilight – Jane of the Volturi Guard  #325

Pop! Twilight Jane of the Volturi 325



In addition to this, we also have some Pop! Twilight variants and exclusives coming from Hot Topic, Barnes and Nobles, and a Limited Edition Funko Pop! straight from New York Comic Con.



Pop! Movies, Twilight – Edward Cullen, Barnes and Noble exclusive  #320

Pop! Twilight Edward Cullen_Barnes and Nobles 320


Pop! Movies, Twilight – Edward Cullen, Hot Topic exclusive  #320

Pop! Twilight Edward Cullen_Hot Topic 320


Pop! Movies, Twilight – Jane of the Volturi Guard from Comic Con  #325

Pop! Twilight Jane of the Volturi_ComicCon 326



These latest vinyl bobble heads are slated to be released this September. Stay tuned here at Pops News for more product availability and pricing!


UPDATE: Funko opted to remove this post from their official site as of this writing. However, we’re pretty sure that we’ll be seeing this resurface once again.

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funko dorbz mcu scarlet witch

MCU’s Wanda Maximoff Now Gets Her Own Funko Dorbz PLUS A Coffee Table Book!

The mind-warping femme fatale member of the Avengers is back and this time, Funko is giving her a Dorbz of her own. MCU’s Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch is now rendered in an adorable, vinyl figure complete in her trademark scarlet and black outfit. Accompanying the release of Wanda’s Dorbz is the Funko’s annual coffee table book, World of Pop! Volume 5. Take a look.


Dorbz: Captain America 3 – Scarlet Witch

No Marvel collection is complete without Wanda Maximoff! The reality-altering Avenger can be yours! Available now!

funko dorbz mcu scarlet witch


World of Pop!: Vol. 5

Our annual World of Pop! book is back for its fifth year! Perfect for the coffee table, this book is a curation of all our Pop! figures from the last year, photographed in their “natural” environments. Grab yours and share the love of Pop! Available now!

funko world of pop vol 5


Stay tuned here at Pop! News for pricing and item availability of these cool collectibles.

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funko pop max rebo 160

Max Rebo And The Pumpkin King Are Now Part Of Funko’s Specialty Series.

Funko has recently announced its next Specialty Series due to hit stores this October. Straight from the original Star Wars trilogy, Max Rebo is taking a break from his gigs and is now given the Funko Pop! treatment. Joining him on a break is Jack Skellington’s wicker man version, the Pumpkin King. Funko now has them as the next Specialty Series, which are only available at select specialty stores, boutiques, and qualified online shops. Here’s Funko’s official announcement.

Funko Specialty Series

Every store deserves an amazing Funko exclusive!

In an effort to recognize our most special accounts and loyal retailers, Funko is continuing our Specialty Series. Every month, we’ll be announcing two major exclusives – one Pop! Vinyl and one Dorbz – that can be acquired through the Specialty Series.

Why is it so special? You’ll only be able to find these Specialty Series exclusives in boutique retail, specialty stores, local comic book shops and from qualified online retailers. This is your chance to help support local businesses and smaller retailers, and you’ll pick up an amazing exclusive item in the process!

Our latest exclusives are the Max Rebo Pop! vinyl from the original Star Wars trilogy, and the Dorbz Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas! Remember, these two fantastic pieces are exclusive to the Specialty Series. So pay a visit to your favorite specialty store or your local comic book shop and let them know to order the Specialty Series from Funko. Keep following Funko and subscribe to our newsletter to find out about next month’s Specialty Series exclusives!


Here’s a look at these highly sought after collectibles. Catch these little guys by pre-ordering them at Wildcard Toys and expect them to arrive at your doorstep this October. Click on the links below to know more about the pre-order deals.


Funko Pop! Star Wars: Max Rebo

funko pop max rebo 160


Funko Dorbz: Pumpkin King

funko dorbz pumpkin king 233

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doctor strange 4 pack

Funko’s Doctor Strange Pop!, Dorbz, And Key Chains Arriving This October!

We know that Funko released an exclusive Pop! figure of MCU’s Doctor Strange as portrayed by British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch which made its debut last July 21 during this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Fans of the Sorcerer Supreme who were not able to attend this year’s SDCC and have their hands on this exclusive will be glad to know that Funko has just recently announced its new line-up of vinyl bobble heads dedicated to the MCU version of Doctor Strange which will be made available in time before the film hits theaters on November 4.

Furthermore, Dorbz collectors will also be happy to know that Funko has also rendered Doctor Strange, Mordo, Kaecilius and Zealot in their cutest collectible version. To top it all off, you may carry around Doctor Strange in his Pop! keychain form.

You may pre-order these highly sought after collectibles by visiting Wildcard Toys. Click on the links below to know more about great pre-order deals on this Funko Doctor Strange Collection.

Doctor Strange Pop!s:

Just in time for Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster “Doctor Strange”, the mystical magician and Sorcerer Supreme – Stephen Strange himself – is ready to join your collection of Pop! Marvel vinyl from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Doctor Strange will be available in three different poses: heroic, without his cape in spellcasting pose (exclusive to Walmart), and in astral projection form (exclusively at Target). Karl Mordo, Kaecilius, and the Ancient One are also coming this fall, so you’ll be able to display the movie’s amazing cast of heroes and villains together in your own Sanctum Sanctorum. Or you can collect every character at once by picking up the complete 4-pack available exclusively at the Disney Store!

Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange #169


Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Mordo #170


Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Ancient One #171


Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Kaecilius #172


Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange (Target exclusive) #175

doctor strange target

Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange (Walmart exclusive) #174

doctor strange walmart

Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange/Karl Mordo/Ancient One/Kaecilius 4 Pack (Disney Store exclusive)

doctor strange 4 pack


Doctor Strange Dorbz:

Doctor Strange and gang are also arriving as Dorbz! Grab Doctor Strange (heroic or astral), Karl, Kaecilius, and Zealot this fall!

Dorbz: Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange #206


Dorbz: Doctor Strange – Mordo #207


Dorbz: Doctor Strange – Kaecilius #208


Dorbz: Doctor Strange – Zealot #230



Pocket Pop! Keychain: Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange


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Funko Amps Up Its Rocks Collection With Its Amy Winehouse & Lemmy Kilmister Pop! Vinyl Figures.

Funko pays tribute to the legends of rock with its latest addition to its Pop! Rocks bobble heads featuring the versatile Amy Winehouse  and the icon of heavy metal Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead.

Pop! Rocks: Amy Winehouse & Lemmy Kilmister

Amy Winehouse & Lemmy Kilmister are the newest additions to Pop! Rocks! The mutton chops! The beehive! The rock and/or roll! Add the Motörhead bassist and the singer-songwriter to your collection soon!

Available this August, these vinyl renditions of two of the most respected names in the music industry can now be yours by pre-ordering them via Wildcard Toys. Click on the links below to know more on how you can bring home these fine collectibles.


Amy Winehouse Funko Pop! Rocks Vinyl Figure #48



Lemmy Kilmister Funko Pop! Rocks Vinyl Figure #49


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