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Funko Pop! Rogue One Collectibles Are Now Up For Pre-Order At Wildcard Toys!

Following the reveal of Funko’s latest line of vinyl figures that recently went Rogue’ a few days ago, Wildcard Toys have now listed for pre-order these highly anticipated Pop! Star Wars Rogue One figures slated to hit shelves this October.

Click on the images below to know more about these highly prized collectibles and other pre-order deals.


10449_RogueOne_Jyn_Erso_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10452_RogueOne_Capt_Cassian_Andor_Mountain_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10454_RogueOne_K-2S0_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10455_RogueOne_Chirrut_Imwe_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10456_RogueOne_Baze_Malbus_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10459_RogueOne_Director_Orson_Krennic_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10460_RogueOne_Scarif_Stormtrooper_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10462_RogueOne_Imperial_Death_Trooper_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10463_RogueOne_Darth_Vader_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024 10464_RogueOne_C2-B5_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024

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